"God is love" / Salvation Mountain, 2014


Roses by Lon.
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the-century asked:

I really enjoy your photography. You have a great eye for things. And not to mention the Sonagur single was excellent!

Thank you! And happy to hear you like it! 

Caught in a Sand Storm II, 2014

Anonymous asked:

Do you go thrifting often?

Not very much, no.

macrophylla asked:

I love your hair

Thank youuu

I was tagged by ma girl @courtmoly to share 10 things about myself, so hi. 1. I speak French with my parents. 2. I went to school in Switzerland, Florida, Montreal, and Toronto. 3. I don’t have a middle name. 4. Making music is a pretty special thing and moves me like nothing else. 5. I have a thing for writing. 6. I love green tea, especially lattes and ice cream. 7. I believe whole-heartedly in Him and Love. 8. I prefer one-on-ones rather than large groups. 9. I can get anxious easily, but I try not to let that get in my way. 10. I’m learning to trust my voice, my words, and my work - I’m learning what it means to take courage.
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'Bubblegum' Beauty Daily August Shot By Romain Duquesne
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Opaque  by  andbamnan