You turn around like ‘Boy quit talkin’ to me!’
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Tali Bayer
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untitled by peroespera on Flickr.
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Transtalk - Raymond Rojas - 2014
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#BecauseHonestlyseries / the response to this series so far has been beyond what I imagined. I started this because I didn’t know how to say certain things and this was my best and simplest way to say them. And with your response, you’re reminding me and everyone else: “be honest, it’s okay”. I hope these simple illustrations can be a little inspiration to you wherever you may be that “it’s okay, I feel it too”.
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Had fun last night at #thecreatorclass launch. ExCiTiNg ThInGs AhEaAaAd (at FREE AGENCY)
The next few weeks are looking really busy and I’ve had a headache all day, but it feels exciting and new and when you put your heart into something you believe in it pays off in the end, right?
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Opaque  by  andbamnan