1. Today feels slow. 2. I had pancakes for lunch. 3. @twloha tanks are the comfiest (and they’re on sale right now including this one so hollerrr)
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Untitled Dog Days, BogotáAlec Soth
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A paper merchant G . F Smith recently introduced their new identity designed by London-based Made Thought.

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You are worthy of love. No matter how broken. You are worthy of love.
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supersonicyouth said: can you write about the process for dying your hair? is it chalk or permanent? I really want to go grey or bluish too. Looks amazing on you! those eyes <33

Thank you! I had it professionally done. This is my first time bleaching my hair, and I wanted to make sure it was properly done. I also wanted a particular color and didn’t want it to turn out badly. I most definitely recommend doing it at the salon.

Happy Sunday. ✌️
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So, hi.
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When my heart is heavy, I like to listen to songs about heart ache.

There is just something about hearing the words of another one’s feelings,

the sounds of someone else’s pain

that makes it feel less heavy.

Maybe it’s the way that it makes me feel less alone, like we’re singing this song together, like you’re telling me that you, too, feel it and know. You just know.

I wrote a new post on my blog.

Just finished a long day of work, but I&#8217;m excited to share a few projects that I&#8217;ve been working on, soon to be completed.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan