Just finished a long day of work, but I’m excited to share a few projects that I’ve been working on, soon to be completed.
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Backdrops in the wild.
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Portrait 19, Alzheimer, 2001
Peter Granser
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Sometimes I think back at what this year has already brought and it all feels surreal. It’s a strange feeling when you realize what you had only dreamed of in high school is now realistic - if not, already happened.
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i have no plan,
but to be.


Based on a pen drawing I did a few months ago! Oils on greyboardTo be honest I am not entirely happy with the outcome… so maybe I’ll edit it next week or something but I probably won’t because I am lazy and it’s my last week of school. BUT this time I did spend more time on hair than I usually do haha more details etc
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~   C.S. Lewis (via theohpioneer)

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I can’t reach you. #BecauseHonestlyseries
Opaque  by  andbamnan